Book Cover


I decided to redesign the cover of the book “The Metamorphosis” by Franz Kafka because I thought I could create something different from what I had seen so far. My research suggested that over 80 percent of the previous covers of the book usually had the image of an insect. In my research, I also discovered that Kafka wrote a letter to the first publisher of the book saying that the insect he mentioned in the book should not be visualised. According to Chip Kidd, Designing books is no laughing matter. Ok, it is., a book designer has the responsibility of creating something that will satisfy the author of the book, the readers, and the publisher. It was Kafka’s desire not to put an insect on the cover, so I decided to respect this.For this book cover I used the laser cutter to engrave the title and some other details into the cardboard.



I believe that my research into the book was my strongest point as I read the book to understand the context. I researched information about the first edition and discussed the story with my high school literature teacher. As the book was exactly a hundred years old by the time I was creating the book covers, I chose to create a special edition . This information gave me the possibility to work with more materials and techniques. This photograph show a collection of short stories written by Kafka. I made use of the laser cutter to create the box and engrave the text.


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